Englisch ohne Stress is a holistic experience of English language, culture, history and enjoyment - for ladies only.


Englisch ohne Stress is based on 3 areas of activities:

  • Language & literary courses
  • Highly personalized trips to Great Britain
  • Related events & activities


The language & literary courses are built upon a formula of small groups of ladies with similar levels of understanding of English.

Each group meets once a week to share the pleasure of learning & practicing English and discovering about Great Britain and other English speaking countries in a truly English atmosphere.

Each group has its own character and interests ranging from classic language learning material to reading English literature and history or even singing their favourite English songs!


The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly & of course there is always a cup of tea!

For this short time the ladies are on my private English island.



Highly personalized trips to Great Britain enhance the learning experience within the groups and provide the ladies with new and exciting experiences of different aspects of Great Britain.



The related events & activities offer the ladies the opportunity to enjoy cultural, literary or social highlights outside course time

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Janet Reuter



What's coming up next?

Please keep watching this space to read our new plans for the future.


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