Dame Judi Dench is now 85 years old. I really can‘t believe it!
Judi Dench is perhaps the best known of a group of ladies
who have the titles of Grand Dames of the English acting world....
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Here is a full transcript of Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas speech 2019
This speech is always shown in Britain by the BBC at 14.00 on Christmas Day
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December is the month when we celebrate Christmas and we spend time with our families. It is also the time to read some special Christmas stories.
I have some very special Christmas stories that I love and can read over and over again. Last year I wrote the The Crachits’ Christmas Dinner from The Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens for you to read, which is one of my favourites.
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Thomas Cook
My first adventure out of the UK when I was in school was to visit my pen friend in France - alone. With my hard earned savings from my Saturday job in a fshion shop changed into Thomas Cook tavellers cheques I knew that my money was safe.
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This year marks the 80th year since the production of nylon came into the lives of almost everybody on the planet - and what a sensation it was!
Last month we read about Mary Quant and her unforgettable fashions showing off legs for the first time under the micro mini or hot pants. Tights were the greatest fashion invention ever but it was only possible because of the new developments in synthetic fibers with stretch....
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Our famous lady this month has lived in the 20th / 21st centuries and is the famous fashion designer of the 1960’s Mary Quant born in 1934.
Her work is being celebrated by a major exhibition in the
Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
We are now in the relaxed dress season of Summer, what would all
the young girls do without the mini skirt, hot pants or God forbid
without tights! Unthinkable!
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This newsletter is for July and August together as it is now Summer break until the courses start again in September.
The luxury store Fortnum & Mason founded in 1707 in Duke Street, London, was the very first to realise the business potential of making food hampers for the rich Londoners of the time. The story began in 1705...
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June is the start of the Summer and the time when fiqure revealing clothes are brought again out of the wardrobe but do they still fit?
This question has been torturing mainly the female sex for as long as I can remember!
One American woman who has recently died at the age of 91 established an empire around this question and earnt a great deal of money from it.
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The German Weimar Republic was founded in 1919 and in the same year, 100 years ago the famous Bauhaus came into existence.
When Walter Gropius launched the Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar in 1919, no one could have imagined how revolutionary his ideas would become.
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Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams. A glorious new exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Christian Dior 1905 to 1957, designer of the New Look of 1947
And what a dream this evening gown was to every girl when it was first seen in the 1950’s.
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This first page was really reserved for another amazing lady but after hearing the very sad news of the death of Rosamunde Pilcher on 6th of February , she is now on the front page
Cult or kitsch. Love her or hate her, she was so successful! Born in Lelant, Cornwall in 1924, Rosamunde had a fairly middle class English upbringing going to a private school in Wales...
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We have just celebrated the 100 years of votes for women in Great Britain
When we look back at history we find that there were so many powerful women who contributed so much to the country, to society and to the human race altogether...
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Here is a full transcript of Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas speech 2018
This speech is always shown in Britain by the BBC at 14.00 on Christmas Day. As is tradition, Queen Elizabeth II addressed her people sharing her annual Christmas message.
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