Englisch-Ladies-Group of Janet Reuter

The courses are in small groups of different English levels meeting once a week.

  • Learning and practicing to speak English in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Using up to date English language course books as well as covering current and relevant topics .
  • Reading original English literature such as Agatha Christy, Daphne Du Maurier or even a Shakespeare comedy
  • Exploring English history from the dramas of the six wives of Henry VIII or the romance between Queen Victoria and her German Prince Albert.
  • Discovering about the lives of women in 19th century Britain and their fight for independence and to vote.
  • Learning the most important things you need to know when visiting an English speaking country.
  • Finding out what life is like in other countries such as Australia, Canada or Hong Kong.
  • Exploring the different customs and traditions of people in the many different English speaking parts of the world.





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Janet Reuter



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